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Thermal Printing Paper K80

Thermal Printing Paper K80

Product information

·Thermal printing paper k80 is a specialized paper designed for printing in supermarkets, restaurants, and small shops.The high smoothness of the paper surface helps the print head to operate stably, protecting the printhead, increasing the life of the printer, unlike conventional paper, which damages the printing equipment, leading to replacement costs.

• Diameter of paper roll: Ø 45mm

• Width: 80mm (paper size K80)

• Length of paper roll: 20-22m

• Number of copies: 01 copy (printed one side, thermal sensor on the outside)

• Paper type: thermal receipt paper (does not use ink).

• Specification: foil coated, stamped two ends.

• Packing: 100 rolls / carton

• Application: printing sales invoices, printing bar-kitchen orders in restaurants, cafes …