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A4 paper 80 Idea

A4 paper 80 Idea

Product information

Excellent contrast and sharpness when printing.Has higher whiteness (CIE value is 162 while the average CIE value of common office paper is 140-150).Has extremely high thickness and smoothness.Suitable for printing and copying on both sides.Designed for use in inkjet and laser printers and is perfect for all office equipment.Classified according to the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) number 1054-2552.Copy up to 10,000 sheets without paper jams *

  •     Idea printing paper
  •     Size A4 – Quantitative: 80gsm
  •     Packing: 5 reams / carton, 500 sheets / set
  •     Origin: Thailand·    Dimensions: 210 x 297 (mm)
  •     Hotline for order: 077 88 66 349
  •     Email: info@qhcorp.vn