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A4 Paper 70 Delight

A4 Paper 70 Delight

Product information

A4 Delight 70 paper with absolute standard paper size, ensures no paper jams when printing.Thick and smooth surface, absorbent ink very well.The product prints clearly and is beautiful, vivid, economical because it can be used on both sides of the paper thanks to the high light shielding.Suitable for all types of office printers.The smooth surface is fine for color printing without creasing and smudging, creating quality prints with high definition.When printing in reverse, there is no worry of paper jams and the paper side is free of paper dust, helping to ensure the longevity of the printing types.Quantitative 70 gms / ream, 500 sheets / ream.Produced by Thailand’s line technology.

  • Delight printing paper
  • Size A4 – Quantitative: 70gsm
  • Packing: 5 reams / carton, 500 sheets / set
  • Origin: Thailand
  • Dimensions: 210 x 297 (mm)
  • Hotline for order: 077 88 66 349
  • Email: info@qhcorp.vn