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A4 paper 70 Accura

A4 paper 70 Accura

Product information

The paper is from INDONESIA origin, with smooth and very smooth side paper printing on both sides without wrinkles and ink smudges. Accura Paper is especially suitable for laser printers and high capacity copiers.With high whiteness, beautiful print images with high contrast and clarity, standard paper sizes are absolutely precise, ensuring no paper jams when printing to help print out dust, helping to ensure the health of users. and extend the life of the printer.

Accura printing paper·Size A4 – Quantitative: 70gsm·

Packing: 5 reams / carton, 500 sheets / set·

Origin: Indonesia·

Dimensions: 210 x 297 (mm)·

Hotline for order: 077 88 66 349·

Email: info@qhcorp.vn